What happens in Kaaba is idolatry.. !?

Is Muslims Worship Kaaba ?

What is Kaaba

The Kaaba is a cuboid building in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. It is considered by Muslims to be the most holy site in Islam.

The Kaaba has been built around an ancient black stone which Muslims believe was descended from Heaven and was given by God to Adam.

It is unclear when exactly the Kaaba was built. What is known is that it started being used around 570 CE and continues to be used today with minor renovations being performed on it every year.

kaaba idol worship

What happens in Kaaba is idolatry.. !?

Anyone who criticizes Islam by catching fake news circulating in social media and whatsapp is not understanding of Islam and does not have minimum knowledge.

A great example of that: “Isn’t it idolatry for Muslims to pray and observe the Kaaba in Makkah?” Are you not idolizing that black stone in the Kaaba? “That’s an innocent question!

If some others take one step forward, “That black stone Shiva Linga is a corner of Kaaba Masjid!” They say that they have gone there and seen what they have imagined in a daydream that Muslims worship Shiva Linga.

In a word the “Kaaba” in the city of Mecca in the Arabian country is one of the many mosques where Muslims pray and nothing else! How Muslims around the world perform namaz (prayer) collectively in many mosques.. Similarly in the mosque of Kaaba, Muslims offer mass prayers to that God.

If not, in other mosques, Muslims will stand facing the opposite side of the Kaaba and read Namaz.

But the very ancient mosque of Kaaba was built thousands of years ago in the Arabian desert by Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail (alai) with their own hands and reestablish the method of worshiping (namaz) the Creator without any idol Directing Muslims around the world to turn around the Kaaba and perform namaz in the Quran, directing the “Hajj” process visiting the Kaaba Masjid Because of that Kaaba mosque will be given more importance than other mosques. If he fails, no Muslim will pray the Kaaba or believe that it has divinity. And the Qur’an it self..

“This (Kaaba) “only” God has to be worshiped” – Quran 106:3

I am not telling you to worship the Kaaba if you fail.

What is the use of "Qibla (dikk)" in Namaz?

Namaz is the way to pray God without any idol. The Quran has been given to Muslims around the world to pray five times a day without discrimination of poor-rich, black-white.

Why? Means- Discipline is also required when you collectively stand in a row and worship the same God at the same time. So it is undeniable that it is not wrong to stand in a particular direction while standing in the same row and offering Namaz in the same way.

For example, a mass parade of soldiers in the military would include all soldiers walking in the same direction, saluting, etc. at the same time. Then only discipline and unity will arise. If they fail, no one will do military march by roaming in the direction of their choice.

Accham and all the Muslims who stand in rows and perform namaz in groups in all the mosques around the world, the method of praying in the same order facing the direction of the Kaaba Masjid. Discipline and Unity will be created due to this. This is the real intention behind the command to pray standing towards the direction of the Kaaba.

And what about that black stone in the Kaaba?

The black stone in Kaba is a mystery to many! In fact one of the four corners of the square Kaaba Masjid was built as a “cornerstone” long back in the time of Prophet Ibrahim (alai). There is also history that it was from the time of Prophet Adam (Alai).

We have told above that there should be some direction to read Namaz in a group with discipline. In ancient times, before the construction of the Kaaba Masjid, in that desert area, the stone was used for a direction and as a symbol of prayer.

Even on Eenadu, if you observe many people performing Namaz alone, you can see that they are offering Namaz with a stone, stick or something in front of them. That’s what you call the “formula”. That’s because it’s only to suggest that it’s a place where Namaz is being offered and leave it up to the thing. Exactly the stone in that Kaaba was once used in a similar way.

Later, after the instructions were given to build a mosque in the same place and pray to the God who is the creator there, and do pradakshin (Tawwaf) around the mosque while remembering the God.. Prophet Ibrahim (Alai) built in a square shape (Square shape) in that stone, a corner of that Kaaba Masjid was constructed by forming a corner out of four corners.

The reason is that while circulating around the Kaaba mosque, there should be a starting and ending point, so that the mosque which is in the same square structure is built in a wall in four corners. Now even chanting the name of the Kaaba and doing prayers around the Kaaba will be a part of the worship, not with the intention of worshiping the Kaaba.

This is the actual reason behind the installation of that stone in the wall of the Kaaba Mosque. Even during the time of Prophet Muhammad (s) when the Kaaba Masjid was rebuilt, the ancient stone was built in a corner wall in the four corners of the Masjid. Because as part of Hajj pilgrimage (Tawwaf) around the Kaaba Masjid is the beginning and the end to be a symbol. Muslims start and complete their prayers from the place where the stone is laid properly. There is no use of that stone there after all.

Some half-brain intellectuals who do not know these facts are campaigning in the illusion that Muslims are gathering around the Kaaba mosque and praying to the stone there.

But Hajj and Umrah pilgrims were touching and kissing the ancient stone, so the Arab government made it a glass room in the wall of the Kaaba and preserved it. Muslims who go there will only see it as an object in a museum and not worship it.

The glow in the hair is.. Before Muhammad (s) was elected as a prophet, even in the Kaaba Masjid, those brutal Arabs kept 360 statues and worshiped the stone, no one would have worshiped. Because they see it as an ancient thing and not even the brutal Arabs of those days who thought it was divine. In the next period, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) destroyed all 360 statues in the Kaaba and completely wiped out the idol worship. Hazrat Umar (Raji) stated on one occasion that “It is just a stone and it has no feature.”

Anyone after reading all these facts.. Oh no, for us WhatsApp knowledge is Veda, if we get the devilish pleasure in imagining that what is happening in Kaba is idolatry, then there is nothing we can do.

An imaginator can easily imagine absurd realities and be satisfied. For example: Hitler built Taj Mahal, airports say trains run, birds swim in water, idolatry takes place in Kaaba.. You can imagine any number of realities and be happy.

“This (Kaaba) “only” God has to be worshiped” – Quran 106:3

Quran - 106:3

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