Most peaceful Islamic countries in the world

There are a lot of petty posts and comments on social media to instigate hatred towards Islam in the eyes of non Muslim population that Islam teaches terrorism and creates unrest in Muslim dominated areas. The seperatists who have gone to their head with religious fanaticism, whenever they see them, what they do is…

Especially Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen in these four countries, some political civil wars in those countries, some clashes between Sunni-Shia, Taliban religiousism, and America taking revenge on Soviet Russia In the eighties, Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc. terrorist groups who created and created some riotous elements in Afghanistan are wearing Muslim costumes wearing cap and beards Showing off some of the ones that wear.. “Did you see that! Not only spewing hatred about how Islam incites terrorism, incites bigotry, creates unrest”, but also to be wary of Muslims that terrorism spreads in Muslim majority countries, regions, and to be wary from Muslims. Muslims are creating unnecessary panic against Muslims.

50 Muslim in the whole world except for taking example some civil wars, Sunni-Shia clashes or some terrorist incidents in the above mentioned four countries and portraying it as Islamic terrorism and increasing the hatred of Islam in general There are countries, except these four countries, other Islamic countries will always be peaceful, and the Muslims there will be peace together with each other. Most of the separatists poisoning Islam in the media don’t know that they are alive and have become many tourist spots in Muslim countries. They never dared to mention those countries!

For example if you observe a little carefully..

1.Kuwait” where almost 90 percent Sunni and Shia Muslims live together is the most peaceful tourist city ever without any civil wars or terrorist attacks.

2. Most people don’t know that 90% of Muslims live in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the most peaceful Muslim countries where there is no civil wars, terrorist incidents or religious clashes.

3. Jordan where 95 percent Muslims live, Morocco where 99 percent Muslims live, Mayot where 97 percent Muslims live, Maldives where 88 percent Muslims live, Brunei where 80 percent Muslims live, 98 percent Muslims live in Bangladesh What kind of terrorist groups in che algeria, turkey, and kingdom of saudi arabia etc where 97 percent muslims reside But, terrorist attacks, civil wars, religious civil wars, and never happened.

4. Apart from these, there are many countries where almost 80 to 90 percent Muslims live. If it is true that terrorism, unrest and unrest will be there in every area where Muslims are in maximum numbers.. It’s hard to accept the raw fact that most Muslim/Islamic countries are the most peaceful countries in the world with 80 to 90 percent Muslims. And there are almost 250 crore Muslims worldwide.

In fact, the mention of the above mentioned Muslim countries, but many people do not know that there are crores of Muslims living in those countries. Because the media always mentions only one Syria, Afghanistan, Taliban, Pakistan and media spews hatred on Islam. Many people have come to the opinion that these are only Islamic countries and Islamic countries are like this. R.I.P.

Not only that, the conflicts in these forty countries, or the terrorist activities by Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups, are falsely giving the name of Islamic terrorism to terrorists in Muslim disguises as Jihadis. Is this the reason why media keeps cooking and drinking again and again.. The fact that nearly twenty percent of those who lost their lives siding with the British in India’s struggle for independence were Muslims.

For example, in a group of hundreds of people, one or two, pinpoint the mistakes of one person and attribute them to the others, and in addition, it is injustice to the religion that they follow and label them as indirectly terrorists! Exactly how some bigot politicians, separatists and media treat Islam and Muslims today.

Allah is with those who are righteous
and those who do good.

Quran - An-Nahl 16:129

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