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What Quran Says About Science

What does Quran Says About Science ?

The ‘righteousness’ mentioned in the religious books belongs to the wealthy.. ‘Science’ belongs to modern educators and atheists only.. In the same way, when ‘dharma’ locks man’s thoughts and leads him towards superstition, science leads man towards thinking and observation, these two biggest myths or misunderstandings are shown by atheists in their writings and words.

The source of actual science is to ‘think’ or ‘consider’ about the creation! If there is no ‘Thought’ / ‘Answering’, there is no science at all. Today is the result of the thought/analysis done by many scientists in the creation.

The more you do in-depth scientific observation.. Wonders of this creation will keep on coming out. After finding out that every matter is created with a community of atoms, that atom is also a micro world.. A atom has an amazing mechanism and a atom is a wonderful world of nucleus, protons, electrons.

Also, scientists have been able to explain the wonders of the universe by scientific observation in many ways. It is noteworthy in this context that the Quran gives a huge place for such scientific research.

“There are many instructions for those wise who consider the building of the earth and the heavens”

Quran 3:190

If science is to think/analyze the creation of sperm then the Quran tells us to think of the creation. Those who don’t use their intelligence are considered as the worst animals in Quran.

“Only those who are deaf and dumb who do not use their senses are surely the beasts of wrath in the eyes of Allah”

Quran 8:22

Quranic sentences won’t fall on atheists who are already brainwashed that ‘dharma’ promotes only blind beliefs, locking ideas and driving them into superstitions.

Indeed the Quran invites people to do a ‘scientific examination’ of the creation.

“He is the one who created the earth; the one who buried the mountains in it like heaps, the one who made the rivers flow, he is the one who produces all kinds of fruit, he is the only one who covers the day over the night. For all these things there are great instructions for those who think”

Quran 13:3

“Look at this! There are different places on earth. They are right next to each other. There are vineyards, crop fields, date trees – some individually and others in pairs – they all have the same water. But we did make some more delicious. Made a few more less tasty. For all these things there are many guidance for those who use their sense.”

Quran 13:3

Even to finally condemn a matter “You have simply rejected My instructions without a scientific observation”

Quran 27:84

“Travel the earth and consider how He began His creation”

Quran 29:20 awakens the thoughts of a sleeping man.

The Qur’an in hundreds of sentences like this not only tells us to ‘think/observe’ towards creation, but also about ‘the construction of the human dough’, ‘the theory of couples’, ‘the Big Bang’, ‘the planetary orbit’ to develop scientific perspective in individuals. E- referring to construction of skies sharpens scientific thoughts in man.

That is because man can only develop physically and morally through scientific and rational thinking. Religious books are the collection of orders sent by the creator to develop a man not only scientifically but also morally.

But instead of putting these teachings of the scriptures into practice, some religious scholars have created a religion system of blind beliefs and irrational beliefs.

Ninety percent of all religious groups are being followed today

Such are the fabricated beliefs and customs. Atheists are the group who are angry towards them and are away from the religion.

How did the Quran announce these things before science?

The great secret that everything in the universe, from atom to the cosmos, was first proposed by the greatest physicist, Nobel Prize laureate and Newton heir “Paul Dirak” of the 20th century. But, surprisingly – but, 1400 years. The Qur’an declared that everything in the creation was created in pairs before the ‘Pairs theory’.

“We have created every thing in pairs”

Quran 51:49

More importantly, those who think that till 1790 humans and animals only have female and male pairs (Pairs). But in 1790, a German naturalist named ‘Christian Conrad Sprenzel’ discovered that Pairs exist in plants, and that there is a paradoxical contact between them. But, modern botanical science is telling about this matter 1400 years. Quran had declared this before.

“He alone made all kinds of fruits in pairs (female-male)”

Quran 13:3

“He is holy who created all kinds of couples.” Whether they be of trees that grow out of the earth, or of their own kind (humans) or of things that they may not know.”

Quran 36:36

Sir Francis Drake first travelled around the Earth in 1577 and proposed that the Earth was in orbit. But, this matter is from Quran 1400 years ago has already announced it.

“We made its wretched land into egg shape”

Quran 79:30

That sentence can be seen as “dahaha” in Arabic. The word in Arabic is used for “Ostrich egg”. The ostrich egg is in an imperfect circle. The picture is what it is.. The earth is not completely round. Scientists in recent years have concluded that the geothermal is more than a horizontal line.

In 1543 Nicholas Copernicus first discovered that the Earth orbits the Sun. But, in 1609 Jonas Kepler proposed that not only the Earth orbits the sun in the solar system, but also all other planets, including the sun and the moon, were rotating themselves. For example, it takes 25 days for the sun to revolve around itself once.. But, this matter is from Quran 1400 years ago has already announced it

“He is the one who gave birth to the sun and the moon. They are all moving in their orbs” – Quran 21:33

“He is the one who turns the day with ray and the ray with day.” He is the one who has made the sun and the moon in law. Each one of them is in fixed orbit and rotates” – Quran  39:5

Receiving the moon is not the generation of the sun, similarly night and day should not go beyond. They are all different and rotating in orbit (themselves) – Quran  36:40

‘George Lamatire’ proposed the “Big Bang” theory in 1920 According to this, 13 hundred crores years. The universe has emerged from zero years ago.. Science suggests that the void was initially filled with a “smoke cloud” of hydrogen and helium atoms called the “primary nebula” that gravitational forces created billions of stars and planets. But 1400 years old, Quran had discovered this matter even before a million years.

“Do not the deniers think of these things, that the heavens and the earth were intertwined together, and then we divided them? ” – Quran  21:30

“He then turned his meditation toward the smoky sky. He addressed heaven and earth and said “Come into existence, whether you like it or not” – Quran  41:11

Once upon a time people used to think that the moon shines on its own just like the sun. But, Quran states that only the sun gives light on its own and the moon shines with its light.

“He is the one who made the sun to shine.” He is the one who gave light to the moon” – Quran 10:5

“He who builds towers in the sky, and who lights a lamp (sun) and a shining moon in it is very auspicious” – Quran  25:61

Year 1604 A scientist named Low Foxicus has unveiled some stunning images of the pindam for the first time. 1672 years after that. Lo, considered the father of modern embryonic science, ‘Malfigi’, has unveiled a few more modern images of the embryonic stages. Modern genetics could be said to have developed only after the discovery of the microscope by the first microbiologist in the 17th century. Modern Embryology Science explains the stages of embryology in Quran 1400 years ago has already announced it

“We have created man from an essence of clay; then we have made him a sperm drop that falls in a secure place, then we give this drop the shape of a lump, then the lump into a muscle, then the flesh into bones, and then Searched meat to the bones and stood on top of it as a unique creation. So Allah is very good” – Quran  23:12-14

Construction of Pinda – Three dark curtains

Regarding how the egg is fertilized mainly by the spermatozoon 1940s. Then new discoveries were made by modern agricultural science. Surprisingly, the Quran is the production of flour in a woman’s womb.. About various stages of construction 1400 years ago. It was invented by the past.

“Indeed He created you in various stages” – Quran  71:14

“We have created man with “a mixture sperm-drop” – Quran  76:2

“He created man with a tiny sperm” – Quran  16:4

The basic human embryology of modern human embryology says that the process of formation of pindam in a woman’s womb starts and pindam grows crossing three stages in the womb. The Quran mentions the three curtains of darkness in those three stages. The three dark curtains means 1. Anterior abdominal wall (abdominal wall) 2. the uterine wall (the uterine wall) 3. Amnio-chorionic membrane (aminochronic layer). Quran 1400 years also says that the pindam will be formed in three dark curtains in the womb. Laku has been mentioned before.

“He kept you in the wombs of your mothers and gave you one form after another in the curtains of darkness” – 39:6 Quran 

Some of you should read all of this.. “So is there science in the Quran? You can ridicule him by saying this. Quran is not a science book. And there is nothing in the Quran that contradicts what science says today. Then why are the things that modern science says today in Quran? Answer to Anna’s question.. God the Creator wants man to have rational faith in Him, not blind beliefs of Him. That’s why.. God the Creator in the Qur’an has revealed many secrets in his books from the inception of creation to the birth of man. Modern science today says the same thing after a lot of research.

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